YMTiny tips: the difference between “Close” and “Hide” button

30 Jun 2008

Do You notice that there are 2 (two) buttons You can use to close current/active chat window/page? The first one is the Hide button that located at bottom right corner, and the second one is Close button located at left down which accessible by pressing the Menu button (see picture).

At user exprience, both buttons seem to have a same function. In fact, they have a different action in how YMTiny treats current conversation data on the active chat window.

Close button closes current active window and clears any conversation within it. Meanwhile Hide button only closes the active window, without clearing the conversation in it. So, You may consider the Hide button as a button to minimize windows instead of a button to close them.

Why does the Close button exist? (Memory heap related)

Java (MIDP) devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and smartphones usually have only limited memory for running Java applications.

More conversations mean more memories. And it may be required to “close” some windows to release some memories, since problems may occured when memory is running out.

If you want to know how many memories are available for YMTiny, you may open the About window within YMTiny.

FYI, memory in this context is different to memory to store files. You may analogize this memory to RAM on PC, which is different to files storage such as harddisk or flashdisk.

Translated from YMTiny tips: perbedaan tombol Close dan Hide. Some credits go to lowo :)




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